Billy Raven






Animal Coversing


Rufus Raven (father) †
Ellen Raven (mother) †
Brutus Raven (paternal grandfather) †
Maud Law (paternal grandmother) †
Thomas Raven (maternal grandfather)†
Leah Lee (maternal grandmother) †


Bloors Academy

Billy Raven is an orphaned, albino endowed child. He is the son of Rufus and Ellen Raven, who where murdered by The Bloors. Billy can talk to any animal and understand them.

History Edit

Ancestors Edit

Billy is descended from the Red King's second son, Amadis. Amadis's son Owain was an albino like Billy. The Crowquills are descended from one of Owains sons. Billy inherited his endowment through Amadis and Owain, as they both had it.

Childhood Edit

Billy's parents were killed when he was very young, they were killed because they are the real heirs to the Bloors fortune. Billy's parents wanted Billy to be adopted by a friend, Christopher Crowquill, but the Bloors set Christopher up for a robbery and he went to jail. So when Billys parents were killed, Billy was sent to an aunt. She didnt care for Billy properly and when she found out about his endowment she sent him to Bloors.

Midnight for Charlie Bone Edit

Billy was put into the music department which was where he met Charlie Bone. At first Billy was friends with Charlie and helped him plan to wake up Emma Tolly. He also helped find out what happened to Runner Bean. When the Music Department went into the ruin, Billy found the medal, but left Charlie in the maze. Billy was present when Emma Tolly was woken, but then Ezekiel Bloor came and took Billy away. Billy then told the Bloors all about Emma being awoken and they imprisoned her again.