Charlie Bone






Picture Travelling


Lyell Bone (father)
Amy Jones (mother)
Montague Bone(paternal grandfather)†
Grizelda Yewbeam (paternal grandmother)
Mr Jones (maternal grandfather)
Maisie Jones(maternal grandmother)
Lucretia Yewbeam (great aunt)
Eustacia Yewbeam (great aunt)
Venetia Yewbeam (great aunt)
Paton Yewbeam (great uncle)
Manfred Bloor (fourth cousin)


9 Filbert Street

Charlie Bone is the only son of Amy Jones and Lyell Bone. He is 12 years old and attends Bloor's Academy, He is in the music department and is endowed. He has the gift to hear and visit pictures and paintings.


Ancestors Edit

Charlie is decended form the Red King and his wife's youngest child, Amoret. Amoret was one of the five good children when the king left the castle. Amoret then fell in love with a giant called Otus Yewbeam. They had one son called Roland. Charlie is decended from a whole family of magical powers. They include, shapeshifters, a hypnotist, a clairvoyant, a clothes bewitcher and a power booster.

Childhood Edit

Charlie was born in 1992 to Amy and Lyell Bone. When he was two years old his father supposedly drove off a cliff when it was foggy. Charlie grew up with his mother, two grandmothers and his great uncle. One of the grandmothers took away all of the pictures of Lyell from the house during Charlie's early Childhood.

Midnight For Charlie Bone Edit

When Charlie was 10 years old he lived a very normal life, until his best friend's (Benjamin Brown) birthday. Charlie planned to make Ben a card with a picture of Ben's dog on it, Runner Bean. Charlie found a picture of Runner Bean and asked his mother to go and make it bigger at the photo store. His mother came back with a different photograph, a picture of a man and his daughter. Charlie found that he could he the photographers voice and the man's and also the little girls crying. Charlie's grandmother found out about this and sent him off to Bloor's Academy. Charlie was put into the music department where he made friends with Fidelio Gunn, Billy Raven and Gabriel Silk. He also made friends with a girl from the Drama Department called Oliva Vertigo. He also made enemies with his fourth cousin, Manfred Bloor, Asa Pike and Zelda Dobinski. Charlie takes the photo back to the rightful owner, Miss Ingledew. She tells Charlie that it is her brother in law and her niece in the photo. She tells him that the man in dead and he gave away the girl for a strange case. She gives Charlie the case as a thank you present. Charlie and his friends realize that the girl in the photo will be their age now and figure out that she is actually at Bloors. Miss Ingledew also gave Charlie a mechanical dog which Charlie gives to Ben as a birthday present. Ben presses a button which starts to play a tape telling them how to use the case to wake up the girl from her hypnotic state. Charlie, with the help of Fidelio, Billy, Olivia and Ben, was able to get Emilia to the case and wake her up.