Emma was hypnotized by Manfred Bloor for eight years and re-named Emilia Moon until Charlie rescued her with the "Tolly Twelve Bells" invention, created by her father with the purpose of re-awakening her. Emma is an exceptional artist and her endowment enables her to transform herself into different types of birds. Through a combination of her two talents, she eventually creates her own bird called the Tollroc. She strongly resembles her mother, and owns a duck called Nancy (named after her mother). Her greatest weaknesses are her fingers or hands, and she cannot fly when these are sore or weakened. She has a huge crush on Tancred Torsson (which made her feel rather distraught when he dated Tracy Morsell), which is hinted at subtly in the fourth book, and is made obvious in the sixth and seventh. However, it is unknown if he returns her feelings. Emma lives with her Aunt Julia Ingledew in her bookstore. Emma Tolly is the only child of a man that was targeted by The Bloors for her possible abilities. She can turn herself into any bird she can think of. When the Bloors took her, to keep them from taking her, Lyell Bone, Charlie's father, tried to stop them and became as hypnotized as Emma became by Manfred Bloor. Charlie Bone figured out who Emma was and found a strange box with a suit of armor in it that had the sound of a church organ playing and church bells tolling. The box brought Emma Tolly back from being hypnotized and went to live with her aunt, Julia Ingledew, a bookstore owner. Emma is descended from the knight from Toledo who gave the Red King his daughter in marriage, so she is related to all the children of the Red King.